Extra Vergin Olive Oil

Extension olive groves: 3.78 hectares, 1-hectare special olive plants

Altitude: 550 metres above sea level

Total number of plants: 1500

Varieties: 50% Frantoio - 25% Moraiolo - 5% Morcaio - 20% Leccino

Average olive production: 80 quintals

Harvest: by hand, storing for max. 36 hours

Average oil production / years: 1400 litres

Pressing: hammer mill

Extraction: through centrifugal action

Average yield: 16%

Conservation method: Stainless steel tanks (4-6 hectolitres) in an environment with constant temperature

Organoleptic analysis: bright, intense green colour with soft, golden nuances.

Very intense aroma of fresh olives with hints of artichokes.

Strong, fruity flavour, medium spicy, slightly sweet with a pleasurably bitter and persistent aftertaste.