Palagio Experience: the genius loci to touch, taste and live!

At the Palagio, the muse of inspiration often kisses us: as we walk through the vineyards wearing wellington boots, touching the earth and inhaling the fragrances of nature. As we close our eyes to devote all our senses to the secrets of wine. As we savour the culinary essence of our territory – Panzano in Chianti. We love this land and live here all year round. We are more than happy to share with you – in the vineyards, in the cellar and at the table – our way of life a la Toscana’, or rather, ‘a la Panzanese’!

Here you will find three tasting suggestions of our wines with pairings, which we differentiate for our customers or collaborators so as not to standardise the form of the experiences. We tailor your tasting experience from the most basic to the most sophisticated food and wine pairing.

Meet and Greet

A short but intense experience to introduce you to the unique character of our small winery.

We will tell you how we make wine, letting you experience the family atmosphere and the deeper soul of this portion of Tuscany in a convivial, informal and cosmopolitan setting.

To be tasted with a culinary speciality of the winery or of the area there will be three wines, the Passito and, if the season permits, the Extra Virgin Olive Oil of Il Palagio di Panzano.

Duration: 45 min

Tour times: Monday-Friday,

Cost per adult, from 28

Wine Wanderers

We will take you on a discovery of the winery, its vineyards and its flavours.  This experience usually begins on the premises of the old wine cellar, where, seated at a table, you will taste four wines, the passito and, if the season allows, the Extra Virgin Olive Oil of Il Palagio di Panzano.

It is the ideal experience for those who wish to enter into the details of the wine production process and its proper pairing with food. The wines and vintages selected from the winery’s cellar will be paired with the fresh and genuine flavours of the Chianti region’s gastronomic tradition, seasonal delicacies from the winery’s garden and culinary specialities from Panzano in Chianti.

You will discover the pairings, in a convivial and informal atmosphere, sharing your wine and food experience with like-minded enthusiasts from all over the world.

Duration: 1.5 hours

Tour times: Monday – Friday

Cost per adult, from 50 €;

children: 6-12 years 10€; 13-17 years 25 €.

The Crue experience

The most complete and exclusive wine-tasting experience at Il Palagio di Panzano. We offer you a complete food and wine journey, with a four-course menu accompanied by a welcome wine, four wines with comparative vintages, passito wine and, if the season allows, extra virgin olive oil from Il Palagio di Panzano.

By choosing this experience, you can decide to taste and discover the company’s most emotional and distinctive wine: our Vigna delle Bambole. The tour of the winery will take you to the most prestigious vineyard from which the Grand Selection La Vigna delle Bambole originates.

An unforgettable symphony of flavours and emotions for your palate that you will be able to share with like-minded wine lovers – in a convivial, informal and cosmopolitan atmosphere!

Duration: 1.5 hours

Tour times: Monday-Saturday

This is the only experience that can be offered on Sundays upon advance booking and a minimum of 6 people.

Cost per adult, from 65
children: 2-6 years 10
7-14 years 25

Please note that we cannot offer an entire alternative menu, nor do we have a kitchen equipped to serve dishes for those with severe allergies, celiac disease or other food intolerances. All of the above prices are subject to change depending on the type of menu, wine vintages and number of persons.

La Bottega di Panzano: our Boutique wine shop in the heart of Panzano in Chianti

Come and visit us for a tasting of our wines and our extra virgin olive oil.

We will welcome you in one of the two elegant tasting rooms, in the heart of Panzano in Chianti, from where you will enjoy a breathtaking view over the vineyards and the rolling hills of Panzano in Chianti.

You can taste all our wines and, if the season allows, our extra virgin olive oil. Moreover, only here you will find the old vintages of the estate.

The Bottega of Il Palagio di Panzano is located in Panzano in Chianti in via Chiantigiana 10, a few footsteps away from the main square of the village, animated by local bars, artisan workshops and shops. There is a bus stop to and from Florence just a few meters away. Every Sunday the main square of the village hosts a market with local products while every first Sunday of the month there is a market of artists and craftsmen in the streets of Panzano: L’Aprilante.

No reservation is required for tastings!

We are open on the following days and at the following times: November to April, 11 a.m. to 1 p.m / 2pm to 5pm. from Thursday to Saturday; May to October, 11:00 a.m. to 7 p.m. / Tuesday to Saturday; 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Sunday.